Monday, October 02, 2017

Square Footage Price - Why it Matters?

Good morning - we were looking at a market report and some numbers this morning from Inman-Weiss Analytics.  It is a great tool we use to better understand the marketplace, both from a national perspective and a local/micro-marktet perspective.

We pulled up the Winston-Salem MSA and its average price/square foot jumped out - currently it is around $92 and could see an increase moving into next year according to the data.  That's good news for sellers, so now would be a great time for buyers to jump into the marketplace.  But keep in mind, that this is just an average and micro-markets are different and lots of things go into this.

In this short VLOG, Brooke breaks down why it matters and how micro-markets and other factors impact the price/square foot. take a look!

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