Monday, October 25, 2010

All Treats...No Tricks! Making Good Real Estate Choices...

*Purchase a home in an area with limited land availability (supply v. demand premise will help to insulate your value)

*Look for "good bones"-older or newer homes with quality construction, slow-growth wood members, warranties, attention to detail and the like--don't let the "bells and whistles" of new construction or cosmetic restorations deceive you!

*JOBS! Look in areas that are poised for growth, have substantial job centers and are relatively stable as compared to the surrounding areas--check with local chambers of commerce and city/county government officials for this information (I am always happy to have this information available)

*Schools--whether you have children in school may not matter to you now, but it might matter to future buyers. Pay attention to desirable school districts and look at school "report cards"

*Roads--Being close but not on top of major roads and commercial centers is a bonus, especially for commuters, add to that easy access to airports for an added bonus!

*Adjacent Property Owners-How do the neighbors keep up their yard, the exterior of their home, etc. What may seem not so big now may present a bigger challenge down the road when trying to sell. Also, make sure that if vacant land adjoins the property you are looking at, that you understand its current zoning use and that it could change based on governmental land use plans. It's a good idea to visit your local planning department to check things out or ask your agent to assist you.

*Crime-No one wants to live in an area riddled with crime--make sure that not only do you look at published public reports available on the Internet, but it's also a good idea to talk to the local police or Sheriff's department about the nature of the crimes. Sometimes what sounds bad on paper has no bearing on you and the same holds true for some crimes that sound minor being bigger and more intrusive than the report reveals.

Have any tips you'd like to add? Need to talk further about purchasing the home that's right for you? Comment or give me a call 336-817-3598 or email me

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The "Real" Social Network

With so much talk about social media I felt it an appropriate time to blog about the importance of "old school" social networking! Old school in the sense that as I look across my shelves of listings and upcoming closings all of them are connected in some way, shape or form. Some are the result of a relationship established with a landscaper who maintains my vacant listings, some are friends, family members, attorneys, business associates, neighbors, church friends, high school friends and some of them are from reaching out to neighbors at listings and talking to folks at my favorite restaurant.

The point is this...everywhere I go, I am a walking billboard for the industry that I love. I told a client today that I love to solve problems, find solutions and see my transactions from start to finish and beyond. If you spend a minute with me, there is no doubt in your mind as to what I do to bring bread to the table and you will also learn why I do faith, my family and my friends.

Writing a note, sending an email, calling a past client...these are all simple things that can and should be done on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with Facebook, blogging, etc. because they are necessary to the new paradigm and are fun to boot! But there is something to be said for a cup of coffee with a lender partner or a glass of wine with a small business owner to talk about what they are doing to survive.

During tough times it's natural to draw inward, to try our best to insulate ourselves from the reality of it all, but what I have learned during these challenging times, is that if I didn't get "out" and learn about our market, our challenges and our opportunities then my business would shrivel up and die on the vine. So thank you for helping me to keep on keeping on doing what I love to do...selling homes and helping buyers in our that's work that socially nets dividends!