Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thank you...

Thank you to all who participated in the "12 Days of Small Business" Campaign - it was a great success.  We believe that connecting others is very important.   Of the main ways that small businesses are able to grow, word-of-mouth, social media and referrals rank as some of the most important.  Our hope at this time of year is that you will consider helping each of these and other great small businesses, which is not only good for them and the overall economy but also you, as you will have many great new items and hopefully new friends!

We especially want to thank those small businesses who were so kind to donate special gifts for the gift basket.  Someone really is going to win some cool items and opportunities.  We want to share with you the final list of small businesses who helped with this - the drawing will be held tonight, December 21 live on Facebook - Brooke Cashion and Associates - Allen Tate - hope you will join us!



Monday, December 11, 2017

We are moving along....

We have posted on this blog in the past about the importance of a strong transportation network for not only our state, but our region and local community.  There are a lot of projects underway around our area of the state.  A lot of this is because the taxpayers of the state said it was ok to spend more money on our network a few years ago and some funding reforms were put in place which helped generate billions of dollars.  In the Triad area, we are big winners of these reforms which means a ton of key projects are well underway and that will result in a lot of new benefits and opportunities such as jobs and economic growth and improved mobility!

Pat Ivey, NCDOT Division 9 Engineer (Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, Rowan and Stokes County) has been a long-time leader in seeing projects from start to finish in NC.  He has lead many key projects around the state and is currently working on some very big ones in our area.  We had the good fortune of interviewing Pat recently on some key projects.  He is a great man with a lot of experience and we appreciate his willingness to share some timely updates.  These are very short clips but are packed with a ton of key information on timelines, good ideas and other important information.

I-74 (Northern Beltway) - could this "drive" a potential of 30,000 jobs regionally when complete plus Kernersville is a "hotbed" of activity!

Business 40 through downtown this really going to be completely shut down?

Holy cow - traffic is terrible on Main Street in Kernersville - will this project ever be complete?

Monday, December 04, 2017

Will you participate with us - "12 Days of Small Business"?

Well it is that time of the year again - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to YOU!  At Brooke Cashion & Associates, we love Christmas and the Holiday season, as we know many of you do as well.  It is a special time of the year and one that reminds us about the importance of serving and helping others, family & friends, as well as the most important, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

As you are aware, we have made some changes to Brooke Cashion & Associates and are working on a plan to better serve you and those who are referred to us.  One way we like to do that is by connecting others.  So we are announcing a new social media campaign and are humbly asking you to participate.

The campaign is called the "12 Days of Small Business" and it is pretty simple.  There are thousands upon thousands of small businesses in our region and we are thankful to each and everyone of them.  But we wanted to highlight 12 that we use regularly and simply feature them one day out of the 12 day campaign on our Brooke Cashion and Associates Facebook page.  We have collected from them an item(s) that we are packaging in a gift basket.  At the end of the campaign on December 21, each person that has "LIKED AND SHARED" Brooke Cashion and Associates' Facebook page at least one time during the campaign, will be entered into a drawing for the gift basket that has a value of approximately $400.  We will be drawing the winner on December 21 and will notify them as well as a post on Facebook.  We are really excited about this campaign and hope you will participate with us.

One of the main ways that small businesses grow is simply by word-of-mouth, social media and referrals.  Our hope at this time of year is that you will consider helping each of these and other businesses, which is not only good for them but the overall economy but also you, as you will have many great new items and hopefully a new friend!

Will you participate with us?