Friday, April 23, 2010

So Much To Do...You Can Buy a Home or Have a Glass of Wine...

As the weekend approaches I am sure that you are just wondering what in the world you can do to fill the time...I was just teasing one of my friends and telling her that for Realtors, Fridays are our Mondays. This is the time when everyone has off work and is gearing up to go out and fervently look for homes before the tax credit expires. Well, that is certainly a great way to spend time and if you have waited until the last minute, there are some of us out there that will certainly make time to find you the perfect home! Just give me a call, text or email and we can carve out some personal time for you.

On another note, there are some great events taking place this weekend, in and around town that might interest you. As always during the Spring, downtown Kernersville will host the Music and Mingle at The Factory. Tonight features guitarist Adam Turner, who teachs at Love That Music, where my daughter takes guitar. I have heard only excellent things about his skills. Those in attendance can take advantage of the lovely weather, enjoy the shops, which will be open, grab a glass of wine or beer from Shakespeare and Co. or just hang with friends while winding down the week. All excellent options for a Friday!

Tomorrow morning, for those of us looking to have a little Saturday morning pick-me-up, there will be a charity 5k Walk/Run for Debbie Varner. Debbie is a fellow Realtor who works at Prudential in Kville. She is a mother of three and has been battling cancer for quite some time. Registration begins at 8:30 at the Kernersville YMCA and is $20 for an individual and $25 for a family. What a great way to help one of our fellow neighbors in need, while getting some much needed exercise. Maddie and I are both participating...this will be her first 5k and my first event with her! Exciting!

Also, tomorrow night Korner's Folly is the annual Wine Tasting event. Always a fun time to get together with Folly supporters and out of towners, this event has grown a TON since it's inception several years ago. Lots of North Carolina wineries will be featuring their selections and there will also be food provided as well as live music. Information and ticket prices can be found on the Folly website.

So, there you have it...If you aren't viewing real estate, which I will happily doing for a large part of the weekend--then maybe I will see you at one of the many community events that are being offered this weekend! Cheers!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrating Successes...

This year Allen Tate and Brooke Cashion and Associates had numerous successes. Despite a difficult national real estate market, our local market spoke for itself and we capitalized on the movement of buyers and sellers in and out of the Triad. Here are just a few of the things that we can be thankful for:

*Enhancement and diversification of our media branding strategy, including beefed up online advertising, electronic billboards, mapping features, social media marketing and more

*Contributed over $370,000 to United Way for cultural initiatives and public education--all staying within our local communities

*Recorded more that 25 million property details and page views on

*Recorded over 2500 hits per month on

*Exposed our listing inventory locally, regionally, nationally and internationally via more than 6,000 websites!!

*Introduced Tate Chat, a live chat feature which allows consumers to communicate in real time online conversations with client-care reps

*Introduced Job-Loss Protection and Rate-Relief programs in order to build consumer confidence and inevitability sell more homes

*Implemented the Allen Tate Short Sale Program to help homeowners avoid foreclosure

*Maintained weekly updates to our clients via text messaging, e-newsletters and activity emails

*Maintained yearly volume for Brooke Cashion and Associates even in a "down" market

*Hired an assistant and a full-time buyers agent for Brooke Cashion and Associates

*Implemented video tours of listings for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, my blog and more...

*Continually brainstorming about how to make your real estate experience the best it can possibly be...if you have a suggestion or idea, please let us know.

Brooke Cashion and Associates

Animoto Video Tour of 1140 Ziglar--OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY the 25th from 2-4

Great video tour of this fabulous listing in Winston-Salem! Acreage plus pond! 3bd/2ba--Only $125,000! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Ziglar Road

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tax Credit Leaving You High and Dry?? Certainly Not the Only Reason to Buy! (or sell)

Approximately two weeks left in the first-time buyer and move-up buyer tax credit period. For those of you still looking to take advantage of the credit, you must have a completely executed contract by April 30 and be able to close no later than June 30.

However, if you are not one of the select few to have your home under contract by the deadline in order to get your $6500, don't despair...there are still great reasons to keep your home on the market, sell your home and purchase a new one!

Rates are still low. Regardless of how familiar we have gotten with historically low rates, this is set to change. The federal government has put a halt on purchasing mortgage-backed securities meaning that banks will start charging more to lend money-resulting in that higher rate.

A small change such as a 1/2 to 1% can easily eat up the tax credit advantage. I have blogged previously about the actual numbers (see archives), but 1% can change your payment as much as a price decrease of 10% can. What does that mean to sellers who need to sell in order to buy?

Price your home not just competitively but make it compelling. Get a secured contract in hand while you can still take advantage of low interest rates, inventory selection and prices that have been whittled away over the course of the past year. You may take a hit on the front side however, if you ever see yourself needing more space, a better location, easier maintenance or the like, NOW IS THE TIME!!

It is my opinion that the momentum of the credit has peaked and most folks who are going take advantage of the credit have made efforts to do so, but that means opportunity for others. Our housing market won't be confined by governmental whims and incentives but rather in true market supplies and demands. Once the dust settles we are going to have a very good idea of where our local market stands and I think those that took advantage of historical real estate situations will certainly be pleased with themselves in years to come--especially in the Triad!

Feel free to call me or email me to discuss your personal real estate situation!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Social Networking and New Addition to Team

Another piece of exposure for listings nationwide! 7 million buyers searching on can share your home with folks on their social networks...Get Involved and Start Sharing!
Remember you can always become a fan of Brooke Cashion and Associates and also have the ability to view and share listings, real estate blog posts and much more!
We welcome Dawna to Brooke Cashion and Associates as administrative support! Dawna is going to help this train keeping moving forward...we look forward to having your on our team!
As always, keep in mind that we want you to contact Brooke Cashion and Associates for ALL of your real estate needs! Whether you are remodeling, refinancing, landscaping or any investment in your or email us first OR post a question on Facebook...allow us to consult you before making changes that could permanently effect your home's value.
Happy House Hunting!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

No Need to Sell First to Get Tax Credit...

For those of you out there with homes on the market, keep in mind that you do not have to sell before buying your "move-up" home and realizing your $6500 tax credit. As time grows near to have a property under contract, you can certainly consider other options for your current home such as renting or lease/purchasing. Now, the kicker is that you may have to show a lease or income before being able to qualify for the loan on your second home and you may not feel comfortable paying two mortgages. All of this hinges on your personal financial situation and how comfortable you feel. According to an article on RISMedia they say the following about the "move-up" credit.

A home buyer does not need to sell their current home in order to be eligible for the repeat buyer credit. They can continue to own both homes and rent or use their former home for something else, as it no longer serves as their principal residence. The taxpayer is required to use the new home as their principal residence, and live in it for at least 36 months or they will have to repay the credit.

Certainly something to consider as time approaches for the credits to end. If you have any questions about your personal tax situation, remember to consult your tax advisor. Should you have questions about your personal real estate situation, remember to consult your local Realtor, Brooke Cashion.

Happy Easter!