Thursday, September 17, 2020

Few updates...

 --New #BCA team pic in this newsletter header...hope you like it! 

--Real estate and transportation - what do they have to do with one another!?  Recently, I was honored to have been asked to help roll-out a new report on how to modernize the way North Carolina generates revenue for our transportation network.  This issue is very important to real estate and as the report shows, there are huge benefits to business growth, job growth and economic development growth within one mile of a road project in North Carolina's communities.  Greater quality of life, improved property values, strong connectivity are all a benefit to you.  Here is a Business North Carolina article on the issue, the report and the rollout. 

--With that, I've been asked to Chair a statewide effort to lead a broad-based coalition to modernize and diversify North Carolina’s transportation funding structure to improve our quality of life and meet the demands of a growing state in an increasingly competitive business environment.   If you'd like to partner with our growing coalition, you can learn more, review the report and join us by clicking here.  Your support would be most appreciated!  Real estate and growing communities are highly dependent upon a strong transportation network - we had an issue just this week on a property that we are working through simply because of the lack of funding.  Time to modernize.  What do you think?  Would welcome your insights and engagement.  

--Last month we showcased this in our e-letter.  It was very popular, so I wanted to add it again as a benefit to you.  This is a neat tool that we have - home inventories are down & prices are going up, up, up. Do you want to know your home’s value? It is always an important number to keep track of! This is a pretty awesome little tool that we offer. You can check out what a or your home is worth quickly, without obligation and in an non-intrusive way. Just type in the address!  #WhyWait, it is always great to keep up with values.

--Here is an updated report from Greater Winston-Salem Inc. "offering insights into the community's economic development efforts, data on employment and COVID-19 and more."  They did a nice job with it.

--There is a law in North Carolina that we have to comply with as agents and because we take it very seriously, we thought we'd put a short (minute-long) video together explaining it a little.  A lot of times it scares people, but it shouldn't.  Wanted to share as it is important to consider.

--For all of you who are heroically having to educate your children from is an article on "e-learning spaces" and some great ideas.

--Don't miss out on Korner's Folly's 10th Annual Oktoberfest!  This year will be a little different but still a blast!  Check out the innovative way to keep the fun going and make sure to register today!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

What is happening?

We receive a lot of questions about the current marketplace and what the data is saying.  We are in historic times in a lot of ways.  However,  the real estate market is still stable and very active and for that we are appreciative.  Below are the latest snapshots for the Triad region of NC.  We can go much deeper, all the way down to a neighborhood but these charts paint an accurate picture of how our real estate market is performing month ended June 2020.

As you can see:

-Median home sales price are at historic price ....
-Inventory is still tight....
-Property is selling quickly in some price points....
-High List to Sale Price...
-Increasing Price per Square Foot...

We are in a seller's market - if you would like to learn more about why now is a great time to sell, we would be happy to show you more details and guide you on your options.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Feature Article in Triad Real Producer

We are proud of our own Brooke Cashion for being the cover story in the June 2020 edition of Triad Real Producers Magazine.  The article shares much about Brooke's life and her grit and determination  which has led much to her success.  She takes her career very seriously - it's more than a job, it is her career.

Learn more about Brooke and the team in this great article.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee...

Whether you’re trying to buy or sell a home, you will inevitably have questions and concerns about the real estate transaction ahead of you. At Allen Tate Realtors, we understand these feelings and want to help you buy or sell with confidence.
That’s why we offer an exclusive program designed specifically to provide you with peace of mind: our 100% Money Back Guarantee program.

Why we do it: about the program

Allen Tate Realtors proudly offers a Money Back Guarantee program because we stand behind the value of the homes that we sell. If an Allen Tate buyer of a guaranteed home listed by Allen Tate is not satisfied, we will buy back that home for 100% of its purchase price.
Why do this? Because:
If you’re buying, we want you to buy with confidence. With Allen Tate’s 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can have confidence in the value of the home you’re buying. If you buy a home that has the 100% Money Back Guarantee and you’re not satisfied, we will buy back the home for 100% of its purchase price. So whether you’re relocating from out-of-state or simply want the peace of mind that comes with a guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that Allen Tate Realtors has your back.
If you’re selling, we want to help you sell faster. This program can help you sell your home faster and for a higher market value! By giving potential buyers peace of mind with their purchase, your house will be distinct and stand out from others on the market. And the best part? There’s no additional cost to you to enroll your home in the program! Make sure you ask your Allen Tate Realtor about the 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Ready to learn more?  Here's how it works....

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

An interview with Congressman Ted Budd...

Recently, our very own Brooke Cashion led a conversation with US Congressman Ted Budd that was conducted on behalf of the NC Realtors and the real estate industry. Because of Covid19, we are conducting our national legislative meetings virtually.

It worked very well and there was a large number of attendees on the call but we miss these meetings being in person. Congressman Budd is a fantastic legislator who works hard for his district and the people of NC.

As a small business owner himself and a leader on the Financial Services Committee in Congress, he plays an important role in real estate issues and private property rights. And real estate is a bright spot on the economy and Brooke was working hard on the call to help encourage passage of key legislation which will garner greater economic activity to help get our economy back on the tracks and thankfully Congressman Budd understands this. 

Thankfully, he agreed to become the co-sponsor of an important bill which would allow for electronic notaries. 

Blessed to have...

The Triad is blessed to have many restaurants and great places to grab cup of coffee or a glass of tea, wine or beer. A lot of these are independently owned small businesses. The owners of these small businesses have taken many risks to support the local economy, creating jobs, delivering food and creating an atmosphere of growth for the communities - becoming a place where many locals and tourist alike want to visit.

The Triad Food & Beverage Coalition is working to help get these small businesses opened again and in a safe way. This is a letter written by the owner of The Porch Kitchen and Cantina, Alma Mexicana and Canteen Market & Bistro in downtown Winston-Salem, but she speaks for them all. We are looking forward to a time when these restaurants and businesses are thriving again, where people are conversing and laughing and simply enjoying life and helping to grow our cities and towns. These great restaurants support the quality of life we promote in the areas we serve as #BCA Realtors. We appreciate the risks these companies have taken! Will you join us in thanking these businesses and support there safe and healthy efforts to re-open when the time is right?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Really - Activity Still?

With all that is going on and the challenging decisions governments are having to make, we have been working with the NC Realtors and the NC Chamber to encourage that real estate services and businesses remain open.  There is currently $8 billion worth of real estate under contract in NC, which does not include commercial real estate.  This is important and will help keep the economy moving forward, tax receipts coming and people employed.  So far, in Governor Cooper's Executive Order 120 from March 23, "protecting lives and property" are part of Section 2 and requires local governments to keep necessary services like the Register of Deeds offices open and we appreciate the Governor's actions for this effort.

We are hearing multiple reports from many agents that buyers and sellers are still very active, looking for property, listing property and closing property.  This is great news and a bright spot in our challenging time.  

We are also working on a number of ways to help our clients.  We are doing virtual tours for homes, hosting numerous virtual listing appointment, communicating with clients via phone, email, text, video and other ways,  working on e-documents and social distancing in person.  Plus we are very much open, producing and appreciate your support, trust and confidence.

Most attorneys have put policies in place to limit the exposure to their offices and have gone virtual, with e-closings or only allowing essential people in the offices only, practicing social distancing.  But we are working closely with them and still coordinating multiple closings and will be continuing to do so as we continue to sell real estate.

We are seeing many swings in mortgage rates.  It is important that you have a trusted mortgage lender and we have a team of professionals that we trust impeccably.  Also, there may be some changes on the mortgage application side and with the tax documents a buyer will be sharing with their lender.  As federal guidance comes out, we will be learning more.  For example, where we were seeing a final income check 10 days out before a closing, we are learning in some cases it is two days or even 24 hours.  Timing will be critical so we will be communicating with the lender and our buyers on that as things progress and change.

Appraisals are still moving forward.  Home inspections are still moving forward, albeit, most are with the home inspector only.  Negotiations are still on going.  

While we are in challenging and unprecedented times, we believe we can get through this and rebound rather quickly.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need some counsel. Things are changing rapidly and we are working hard to be learned on those changes in order to best serve and benefit you, our clients. 

Thank you for your support, trust and confidence.  

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Can Property Still Be Sold?

244 and 224 - What Do These Numbers Mean?

Real Estate drives a large segment of the economy. It is a tangible asset. Even in the worst of times people need a roof over their head. We thought these stats were interesting and thought you might as well:
In the Triad (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, NC) market alone over the past 3 days (since the 15 day quarantine was announced) 244 new listings have come on the market and 224 have gone under contract.
In the past 24 hours 94 new listings have come on the market and 55 have gone under contract.
This is a time to be bullish on real estate if you have the financial tolerance. Rates are incredible and there are some lovely new listings hitting the market. If you have been thinking of downsizing or combining households with aging family, there are some phenomenal homes hitting the market.
Reach out to our team for guidance, advice and assistance. We will assist you virtually or in person (while maintaining acceptable social distance of course). So much of what we do is online via electronic signatures, live video showings, online pics and floor plans, etc. We are here to help you and we ask that you help to keep this fragile market thriving!