Wednesday, February 17, 2021

2020 in Review...

 Thanks for all of the support in 2020...these are some of #BCA's highlights - many thanks!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Gas Tax, Property Taxes and Isn't $8.6 Billion a Lot of Money!?!

 Happy New Year! We hope 2021 is off to a great start for you and yours. Thank you for your support, your confidence and trust in us during 2020!    We had the pleasure to work with scores and scores of clients in the Triad and because of them, hundreds jobs were saved or created.  BCA transacted on $30,000,000 worth of real estate in the Triad in 2020 and we are so thankful for that.  However, we still have a lot of buyers who are actively searching for real estate.  If you know of anyone that is thinking about selling, will you connect us?  In advance, we thank you.  We are prayerful and hopeful for a healthy, prosperous and bright 2021 for you and yours.  Below is some information we thought you might be interested in - lots of activity in the Triad!

We are excited to announce that #BCA recently added a new teammate! Kaitlyn Tedder is a lifelong Triad resident who has extensive experience in customer service. She is smart, positive and focused and is going to be a great addition to our business but most importantly, she will be a tremendous benefit to her clients. "We are thrilled to welcome Kaitlyn to the team. Her passion for people and the industry is already evident and we look forward to her being an integral part of the real estate profession where she will represent her clients and Brooke Cashion and Associates-Allen Tate very well." says Brooke Cashion. You can read more about Kaitlyn on our website.

--The North Carolina General Assembly convenes today for its two year session.  We at BCA work closely with the government affairs teams with the NC Realtors and the NC Chamber.  We wish those NC House and NC Senate members well and best of luck doing the people's work.  We thank them for their service to the state and their communities.

--Have you seen this?  50% increase?  We are starting to receive questions about what to do if your property reevaluations have increased and you think it's too high.  We are happy to discuss options...don't hesitate to ask!  

--Tired of the gas tax?  As previously mentioned, Jake has the honor of chairing a coalition the NC Chamber is leading called Destination 2030: The Road to a Stronger Transportation Future.  They are working to modernize the way the state funds our transportation network as the motor fuel tax, the main generator of transportation revenue, is quickly becoming an unreliable source to meet the safety, maintenance and new construction needs of our fast growing state.  This issue is about safety, security and economic prosperity. 

Two years ago, NCDOT created the NC FIRST Commission whose job was to come up with ideas on how to transition away from the motor fuels tax and move towards greater diversification. Last Friday, their report was made public and it includes a lot of new funding options.  There is buzz in Raleigh about how to make the necessary changes and the debate is in it's early stages.  But thankfully our elected leaders know that we need to modernize and we are encouraged by their willingness to act boldly.  Learn more here and join us!  A diverse group of organizations are working together and we're appreciative of the NC Realtors, the NC Chamber, NC-CCIM(commercial real estate practitioners) , NC Economic Development Association, many chambers of commerce from around the state, including BCA's chamber, Greater Winston-Salem.  Many other groups are also highly engaged with us in this discussion and working towards solutions.  We've added a chart below which helps outline some of the challenges and welcome your feedback on this important discussion.

--Speaking of the transportation network...did you hear the good news about the Piedmont Triad International Airport and Smith Reynolds Airport?  $8.6 BILLION is a lot of money!  

--Fantastic news...glad to see this new restaurant moving into Winston-Salem!

--Searching for ideas on winter curb appeal?  Check out these few!

--Home prices rose in 2020 - there are lots of buyers in the marketplace.  In addition, the supply of homes on the market is at record lows.  So if you are subject to a property revaluation and potential property tax increase, this is part of the reason. However, as noted above, you can appeal.  Don't hesitate to ask us how!

-Here is an excellent review of manufacturing in NC.  A local Triad company, Thomas Built Buses, is highlighted as the winner in a recent contest called the "Coolest Things Made in NC".  As manufacturing goes, so does a community.  We appreciate those manufacturers who take risk, create jobs and make things - there are some great products with a "Made in NC" tag! Manufacturers in NC are the backbone of communities and so important to real estate and your property vales -  check it out.

Chart: Usage/Growth/Needs Climbing Fast....Ability to Maintain and Add Capacity Decreasing Faster

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Check out the pics from 1986!

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you and yours are staying healthy and well.  We wanted to pass along some recent info that you may or may not have seen - thought you might be interested in some of these - North Carolina and our Triad region are in a great position to capture some  of this growth.  Have a great rest of your December and hears to 2021!

-Is a home a rooftop or an investment?  According to the National Association of Realtors, "83% of homebuyers view a home purchase as a “good financial investment,” according to the “2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers”. We agree!

-Good morning NC!  It's a new day!  Check out this new statewide commercial from the Economic Development Partnership of NC...

-Have you been by the Piedmont Triad International Airport recently?  While Covid has slowed down passenger air, it hasn't slowed down one's an update!

-There has been formed by the NC Chamber - called Destination 2030-The Road to a Stronger Transportation Future.  This group's mission is to work to modernize the way we fund NC's transportation network.  NCDOT is also working on this via a commission they formed called the NC FIRST Commission. Their new funding recommendations will be submitted to the NC General Assembly in January. This issue is going to be very challenging but it is one that is needed.  SAS, a world-renowned data company based in Cary, NC, created a fantastic new tool for the NC FIRST Commission, called CRAFTS which allows citizens to play around with different funding modes and see what type of revenue is or is not generated and then share the ones they like the best.  This is a very important issue for real estate and economic development as the transportation network is one of the top three things companies look to when deciding on a location.  Also, it's important for road safety, reliable commerce, getting kids safely to schools and getting in and out of your neighborhood in a safe and secure manner.  Take a look at CRAFTS.

-Here is some great news from the National Association of REALTORS Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun:

-Will you support the #TriadTogether Challenge?

--Finally, check this out this pic.  A friend and colleague dropped these periodicals off recently.  Yes, they are magazines about Winston-Salem from 1986! Does anyone remember them?  Let me know if you have any stories about them.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Now that's a big ship!

 --Did you hear this great news amongst all of the Covid and election hysteria? North Carolina ranks #1....2020

--Winston-Salem makes another national list...debuts for the first time ever!  One of the...

--Recently the Piedmont Triad Partnership held its annual "State of the Region".  I enjoyed representing #BCA for this meeting.  There was some great information, data, economic development opportunities and other discussions.  There is a ton of data and information about our region in this presentation that was given but my biggest take away is how well we are positioned against competitor regions like Charleston, SC, Greenville, SC, Richmond, VA, Chattanooga, TN, Huntsville, AL, and Savannah, GA among others.  Our region is outperforming them and likely to continue which means continued jobs, business and population growth, all of which bode well for the real estate industry and your property values.  Great news for the Triad!

--The aforementioned report about our Triad region also shares data on how Covid has changed society and working from home is now a must.  This is an interesting discussion and could have serious consequences to commercial real estate.  But do companies only want their employees to work from home or will we see a hybrid model?  How many years will this trend last? Are at-home office spaces are important in a real estate sell?  If you are wondering how to leverage your home office or create one for improvement marketability and turn it into money, here are some tips on doing just that!  They are becoming a very big trend for sure.

--Last month we showcased this in our e-letter.  It was very popular, so I wanted to add it again as a benefit to you.  This is a neat tool that we have - home inventories are down & prices are going up, up, up. Do you want to know your home’s value? It is always an important number to keep track of! This is a pretty awesome little tool that we offer. You can check out what a or your home is worth quickly, without obligation and in a non-intrusive way. Just type in the address!  #WhyWait, it is always great to keep up with values.

--This is a very accurate article.  We agree with the sentiments in the report.  Also, the pics were taken at one of our listings in High Point of Marco Mendez of MM Triad Photography.  He does a great job and has a fantastic life story.  We appreciate Marco's work.

--We were proud to have been one of the few 2020 million dollar sales in the Triad in 2020 - featured in this article.  We greatly appreciate our clients and their trust and confidence in us to get their property sold.

--Check this out ... this pic is of the Yang Ming Warranty - one of the largest container ships on the globe.  It made its first port-of-call to the NC State Ports in Wilmington at the end of October - it is the largest ship ever to visit the ports.  This is very important development for the Triad area and our ability to continue to grow.  Congrats to the NC State Ports for their work. 

Monday, November 02, 2020

Best Places to Live in America...

Winston-Salem, for the first time, has been named on the Best Places to Live in America...this is an exciting time for Winston-Salem.  With all of its growth opportunities and the great quality of life, housing affordability and infrastructure, educational and healthcare facilities we are optimistic about the future.  

2020 - Americas Best Places to Live

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Few updates...

 --New #BCA team pic in this newsletter header...hope you like it! 

--Real estate and transportation - what do they have to do with one another!?  Recently, I was honored to have been asked to help roll-out a new report on how to modernize the way North Carolina generates revenue for our transportation network.  This issue is very important to real estate and as the report shows, there are huge benefits to business growth, job growth and economic development growth within one mile of a road project in North Carolina's communities.  Greater quality of life, improved property values, strong connectivity are all a benefit to you.  Here is a Business North Carolina article on the issue, the report and the rollout. 

--With that, I've been asked to Chair a statewide effort to lead a broad-based coalition to modernize and diversify North Carolina’s transportation funding structure to improve our quality of life and meet the demands of a growing state in an increasingly competitive business environment.   If you'd like to partner with our growing coalition, you can learn more, review the report and join us by clicking here.  Your support would be most appreciated!  Real estate and growing communities are highly dependent upon a strong transportation network - we had an issue just this week on a property that we are working through simply because of the lack of funding.  Time to modernize.  What do you think?  Would welcome your insights and engagement.  

--Last month we showcased this in our e-letter.  It was very popular, so I wanted to add it again as a benefit to you.  This is a neat tool that we have - home inventories are down & prices are going up, up, up. Do you want to know your home’s value? It is always an important number to keep track of! This is a pretty awesome little tool that we offer. You can check out what a or your home is worth quickly, without obligation and in an non-intrusive way. Just type in the address!  #WhyWait, it is always great to keep up with values.

--Here is an updated report from Greater Winston-Salem Inc. "offering insights into the community's economic development efforts, data on employment and COVID-19 and more."  They did a nice job with it.

--There is a law in North Carolina that we have to comply with as agents and because we take it very seriously, we thought we'd put a short (minute-long) video together explaining it a little.  A lot of times it scares people, but it shouldn't.  Wanted to share as it is important to consider.

--For all of you who are heroically having to educate your children from is an article on "e-learning spaces" and some great ideas.

--Don't miss out on Korner's Folly's 10th Annual Oktoberfest!  This year will be a little different but still a blast!  Check out the innovative way to keep the fun going and make sure to register today!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

What is happening?

We receive a lot of questions about the current marketplace and what the data is saying.  We are in historic times in a lot of ways.  However,  the real estate market is still stable and very active and for that we are appreciative.  Below are the latest snapshots for the Triad region of NC.  We can go much deeper, all the way down to a neighborhood but these charts paint an accurate picture of how our real estate market is performing month ended June 2020.

As you can see:

-Median home sales price are at historic price ....
-Inventory is still tight....
-Property is selling quickly in some price points....
-High List to Sale Price...
-Increasing Price per Square Foot...

We are in a seller's market - if you would like to learn more about why now is a great time to sell, we would be happy to show you more details and guide you on your options.