Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Burning the Candle at Both Ends...

1140 Ziglar Road-Winston-Salem Acreage, 3bd/2ba cottage on large fishing pond! $135,000
It's been a few days since I last posted and at that point I was trying to put something out there that was a little lighter...I think I did, heck, I don't even recall what the last post was on! And that, my friend, is exactly my point...things have been wild here, which is good, but crazy!

Real estate in our area has definitely gotten legs under it. As a company and as an individual agent we are up significantly in number of new listings. Personally, I have several new buyers, some being relocated to the area with their jobs or with the hospital. I also am fortunate to be working with several referred buyers and just wrapped up helping some dear friends of mine, sell their home in Lewisville and purchase another. So, yes, juggling soccer, school, Spring Break, dinners, church, running AND fitting in 70-80 hour work weeks can be challenging BUT fun and rewarding at the same time!

Because of all of the new listings, if your home is currently on the market NOW is the time to get the price right and the condition impeccable. I have viewed so many homes in the past few weeks and cannot believe that the little stuff such as clean windows, counters, floors, fixtures are not taken care of prior to listing the home. Some of the homes we have seen smell like pets, have huge stains in the carpet, fingerprints on the wall, crust from who-knows-what on the counters and excuses for landscaping that would make Olmstead turn over in his grave! Now your home doesn't have to look like Biltmore, but by God, cleanliness goes a long way my friend!

Beyond what should be obvious items to tackle prior to listing your home, getting the rest of the home in impeccable condition is paramount. Yes, I know you are moving and why didn't you do this years ago so that you could enjoy it? Can't answer that one for you! Take care of trim that is rotting or needs to be painted, replace/repair your front door, patch holes, paint ceilings if there are stains (and the stains have been repaired), de-clutter and clean out, replace light bulbs, put out fresh flowers, am I starting to hit a nerve?

I hope not because now more than ever getting the highest and best price for your home means being ready for this wide-open race we call "real estate" right out of the gate! Be the shiniest apple in the bunch AT THE BEST PRICE! It's not good enough any longer to be competitive, you must be compelling!

So join me in capitalizing on this upswing in our market by getting your home in tip-top shape and enjoying this beautiful weather...burn on my real estate friends, not out!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Springing Forward...

As I drove through Buena Vista this morning coming from a closing...I looked around and was overwhelmed at how many trees and shrubs were pushing blooms towards the overcast sky. The grass seemed greener than usual and flowers, such as jonquils and crocus were popping through freshly laid pine straw. Then it dawned on yard doesn't look like this, heck, no yard around me looks like this. Could it be that the affluent also enjoy the unique privilege of enjoying Spring a little earlier than the rest of us?

Another testament to the benefits of properly landscaped and manicured yards...hmmm...guess I'll detour through Buena Vista when I need a pick-me-up until Spring officially arrives at my home or maybe I'll just spring for some new pine straw and create my own little slice of heaven!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Running from Something?

Ok, I've done it AGAIN...I'm a runner!?

For any of you who really know me, you know that last year, about this time I started running/walking/training for a 5k. Never been a runner, never wanted to be a runner, however, this is an item on my "bucket list" and I decided before I get too awfully old I need to cross this one off! During the course of training last year, I subscribed to a training plan called "From Couch to 5k" is an incremental plan that can be found online that gives daily training guidelines in order to work you up to being able to run successfully (which means FINISH) in a 5k. I made it last year up to about 3 weeks before the big 4th of July race in Kernersville, when I came down with a nasty respiratory virus/fever which kept me from exercising for almost 3 more weeks...then my grandmother passed away and there went the summer and all of my momentum and enthusiasm was sucked away like the last slurp of a frosty margarita. Done, finis, never to be picked up again? Not so...I am back with a vengeance and beginning week 4!

This year, I have started earlier, eating better and sticking with the plan like toothpaste on a sink...only 3 weeks left until the Kernersville 5k on March 27th! The runs are easier this year and I have fortunately had a running partner and a supportive husband which makes it more pleasurable. I now find myself pushing an extra minute or to the next stop sign rather than just doing the minimum...what does that mean? Am I a runner again? That's yet to be seen...however, when I received an email from a college roomie of mine asking me to do a half marathon in November, I didn't laugh it off immediately, I actually gave it a second thought...Am I crazy? Nah...just a runner!