Saturday, March 17, 2012

Help Wanted!

According to news media these signs are seen pretty infrequently in today's economy, however, I believe that there just might be a good reason employers are frustrated when hanging out this particular shingle.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you are aware that I am currently in the search for an office manager who possesses sound administrative skills.  Since the expansion of my business to the Triangle area, I have found that one of the most critical spokes in the wheel of our team's success has been that "key" person who keeps us in line and on-task.  We have been very blessed in the past several years with three awesome assistants who helped to take our team's business to the next level, the most recent, allowing us the ability to achieve Chairman's Circle, which is the highest level of closed volume awards that Allen Tate gives to agents and teams.  This assistant left us just before Christmas and in my mind, I thought that as soon as the holiday season passed I would be able to put out a post and applicants would flock to my office, resumes in hand, ready to work.

Fast forward to the first of January, I posted, told some close business associates and community influence peddlers and I did receive a short burst of applicants.  What I found was that the pool of those searching for these jobs have limited technology experience, despite gains in technology accessibility; a lack of desire to be a "part" of an organization; wanting to simply show up and leave when the clock strikes 5, and no sense of self-motivation; always wanting tasks to be given one at a time.  Unfortunately for those folks, this is not how I work and not how I see the majority of successful businesses work.

I am looking for a self-starter, someone who wants to help to grow our team and benefit from that growth, someone who can find answers on their own, who takes pride in themselves and the work that they accomplish, someone who wants something greater than the position they are in, a creative individual with new ideas and better ways of accomplishing things, solution-oriented, positive and helpful.  Wow!  Is that all?!  I know it sounds steep and possibly naive that  I can find this fit...however, I have had it before, our team members possess these qualities and I feel confident I will find it again!

If you feel that I am describing YOU, then please send me a message or call me...these are exciting times in the real estate industry and we are poised for amazing growth and I can't wait to share them!

Brooke Cashion