Monday, April 28, 2014

Good is Good and Great is Better!

With first quarter's difficult numbers behind us, the real estate market has put the petal to the metal!  Coming up to catch a breath to even write this piece, has been difficult at best.  That's the bad news...that you haven't seen this article earlier.  The good news is, that the subject applies even more today than it did several weeks ago when I was planning on publishing the post.

We are listing homes like crazy and they are selling in record times and some with multiple offers.  Then why, you might ask, has your home gotten little activity or lackluster feedback coupled with no offers?  In most cases these homes that are selling have the perfect combination of great pricing and great condition.  What exactly does that mean?

Pricing your home realistically is of course, important.  Having your home clean and organized is important.  However, just being good, is well, good but being great, is GREAT!  Sure, good homes sell everyday but GREAT homes shine and command what they want in terms and pricing.  Most of this is about realistic expectations when it comes to where the market is today and the perceived recovery of the market.  Sellers who understand that market recovery doesn't mean the peak prices of 2006 are the ones benefiting from the uptick in activity.  They, along with the guidance of their agent, are realistic as to what homes are selling for in their area today, not yesteryear.  They are pricing to sell, within the range of other homes in their area and are doing the pre-sale work such as serious de-cluttering, staging with the assistance of professionals and some are going as far as pre-inspections, making repairs and professional landscaping.  Other little gems include adding home warranties, always being show-ready and do most anything that it takes to bring those buyers into a near-perfect situation.

I certainly understand that not everyone feels that they can up-end their household to get their home in this condition, but the folks that are making these sacrifices are getting paid in the end, not only by their homes selling but by being able to take advantage of those interest rates that are still on the historically low side.

If you would like your home to be a SUPERSTAR home, give me a call or shoot me an email and let's talk!