Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sales Tax or Property Tax Increase: 
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners will be building a new courthouse in downtown Winston-Salem for $120 million.  There’s no doubt the need for it is great but the way it gets paid for is just as important.  On the ballot this election cycle will be an option to vote for a 1/4% (.25%) sales and use tax increase but if that does not pass, the county will be forced to apply a 3.1 cent property tax increase.  While we hope there were other choices, this is what we are left with so we will be supporting the sale tax increase as it mitigates the damages the most.  Since Forsyth County has a lot of folks that drive into the county to shop, more than just homeowners and property owners will pay for the new courthouse.  So if you live in Forsyth County, make sure to support the sales tax and not the property tax increase. Click on the pictures to learn more...

ICYMI - September - Local Real Estate Market Update:
“While steady appreciation continues, we are beginning to see the market balance out in certain price points,” said Brooke Cashion, the association’s president. “Rising interest rates will further encourage buyers to secure housing sooner than later, as the rate increase will impact affordability and monetary outlay for years to come.”

Business 40 in Downtown Winston-Salem closing:
Business 40 through downtown Winston-Salem will be closing at 8:00 AM on Sunday, November 11 due to construction.  For more information on how to get into and around downtown Winston-Salem, please see the website the North Carolina Department of Transportation put together - it will be a great tool and NCDOT has partnered with WAZE for best routes.

Work Ready Forsyth:
Businesses in North Carolina, the Triad and Forsyth County are thriving, but the biggest issue impeding their continued growth is the growing shortage of workers with the adaptable skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace.  Education and talent supply are, by far, the top concern weighing on job creators’ minds according to a recent CEO poll performed by the NC Chamber.

However, an important step has been taken in Forsyth County.  The County Commissioners recently decided it was time for the community to put a focus on our talent supply.  Forsyth County has applied to become a North Carolina Certified Work Ready Community (NCCWRC).  Currently in NC, there are 62 counties that are participating which means, 62 other counties are working every day to become more economically attractive to businesses, in direct competition with Forsyth County.

NCCWRC is a collaboration of members from the Office of the Governor, NC Chamber Foundation, NC Community College System, NC Department of Instruction, NC Department of Commerce, regional economic development professionals and local community college leaders. 

What does this mean for Forsyth County, now that county leaders made the decision to acquire certification? 
  • Business and industry gain confidence that Forsyth County has a skilled workforce and a considerable talent supply
  • Individuals and students understand what skills are required in today’s workforce and therefore know how to prepare themselves for success
  • Allows policy makers to consistently measure the skills gap and work on adjustments
  • Educators can help close the skills gap via tools integrated into curriculum and career pathways with industry credentials
  • Economic developers can use an on-demand reporting tool to market the quality of the workforce and therefore, become a more competitive marketplace
In order to become certified and therefore more competitive, workers and  students must obtain enhanced and relevant skills.  Forsyth County’s endeavor to meet these needs will be called, Work Ready Forsyth.  Thankfully, Forsyth County is well on its way to earning certification, however, business engagement is critical and needed on our local level.   

We'd like to ask your company to simply say you SUPPORT the program by lending your company name to this important effort.  It's that simple.  Will you help our students, our workers, our businesses, our education systems and our economy by lending your support?

We hope we can count on your support to ensure a healthy program that will keep us current regarding industry needs and the skilled talent necessary for our economic future.

More information about Work Ready Forsyth will be available soon. Visit for information about the NC Certified Work Ready Community Certificate.

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