Thursday, January 10, 2019

Will Your Company Join this Great Effort?

Businesses in North Carolina, Forsyth County and Guilford County are thriving, but the biggest issue impeding their continued growth is the growing shortage of workers with the adaptable skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. There are many that are deeply concerned about the skills gap, educational system and what it teaches and how those students are prepared for the workplace.  The question then is how does society work towards solutions to bolster our talent supply and fill North Carolina’s talent pipeline?  By leaps and bounds, education and talent supply are the top concern weighing on job creator's mind in a recent CEO poll performed by the NC Chamber.
As Congresswoman Virginia Foxx NC-5 says in a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, 
"Individual potential transcends all demographics. It’s time that we speak honestly about the educational paths we set for Americans—and the paths they should be commended for choosing for themselves." (Stop Calling It Vocational Training)
An important step has been taken in Forsyth County.  The County Commissioners recently decided it was time for the community to put a focus on our local talent supply.  So the county has applied to become a North Carolina Certified Work Ready Community (NCCWRC).  Currently in NC, there are 62 counties that are participating which means, 62 counties are working every day to become more competitive for economic and job growth than Forsyth County.  
In NC, the NCCWRC is a collaboration of members form the Office of the Governor, NC Chamber Foundation, NC Community College System, NC Department of Instruction, NC Department of Commerce, regional economic development professionals and local community college leaders. 
What does this mean for Forsyth County, now that county leaders made the decision to become certified? 
  • Business and industry gain confidence that Forsyth County has a skilled workforce and a considerable talent supply
  • Individuals/Students understand what skills are required and therefore know how to prepare themselves for success
  • Allows policy makers to consistently measure the skills gap and work on adjustments
  • Educators can help close the skills gap via tools integrated into career pathways with industry credentials
  • Economic developers can use an on-demand reporting tool to market the quality of the workforce and therefore, become a more competitive marketplace
In order to become certified and therefore more competitive with greater skills for students, the Forsyth County effort will be called, Work Ready Forsyth.  Thankfully, Forsyth County is currently 84% of the way to becoming certified.  However, business engagement is critical and needed.  

What we are asking is for your company to simply say you SUPPORT the effort by lending your company name to this important effort.  It's that simple.  Will you help our students, our workers, our businesses and our economy by lending your support?

Hope you will join Brooke Cashion and Associates-Allen Tate, Reynolds, Hanesbrands, Vulcan Materials and many others with your support? Please visit the Winston-Salem Chamber site for a quick and easy sign-up form...this is free with no obligation and is simply saying your business supports the efforts!

More information about this important effort will be coming out soon about Work Ready Forsyth, but here is some detailed information about the NC Certified Work Ready Community Certificate.  

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